July 19, 2024

Turning 21

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Hmmm… so.. where do I start…

Thanks to everyone who came by my pad last Saturday, the 24th to join me in celebrating my 21st!!  Sorry I didn’t get to call everyone…  I’m really bad at that kinda stuff u know…  Yeah I know I’m lazy… horrible, horrible.  Anyway, it was mucho fun singing again @ 2 in the morning.  Alcohol really seems to clear the throat… hehe… maybe it’s just that I was faded and it felt that way, but whatever… It was the bomb diggidy.  But don’t despair everyone… I’ll be celebrating my 21st for eh… I dunno, the next year.  So, we’ve got many many chances to get liquored up.  Woohoo…

U know what tho?  I didn’t even get carded the first few times I bought alcohol.  What the feezy right?  Hahah… maybe I’m just nitpicking, but it’s part of the fun I guess.  U know, just handing over the ID and being like, “UH!  WHAT!!”  Ok… maybe I’m just ghetto.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at a computer lab on campus cuz I’m supposed to be finding references for this paper/presentation i’m supposed to be doing for my bio class.  Horrible huh.  I’m such a slacker I swear it.  I should go get myself hypnotized or something.  Maybe that would help.

I really, really can’t wait for this quarter to end… geez… it’s too damn long. I need to party.. now.  Hehe.


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