May 20, 2024


What people are saying about Earl:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

“Actor Earl Baylon also puts in possibly the best performance in the series so far, reprising his role as Jonah. His voice perfectly conveys the sense of conflict and loyalty he feels towards Lara, quietly accepting the danger that stares them in the face and doing his best in whatever capacity he can.”

-PC Mag


“Camilla Luddington is back as Lara, with stellar voice work from both her and returning co-star Earl Baylon, who plays her loyal companion Jonah. Their relationship is a real bedrock to the action, and provides plenty of emotional heft in the game’s recurring cutscenes.”

-Tech Radar


“…the game’s acting is almost universally well-done. Camilla Luddington returns as Lara Croft and her performance along with Earl Baylon as Jonah are top notch.”

-Gaming Trend


“The performance by actress Camilla Luddington as Lara, together with Earl Baylon as her partner Jonah, are a marvel to behold, and while the game may not always deliver, these two always do in their moments together and apart.”



“…the writing and voice acting for Lara and Jonah, courtesy of Camilla Luddington and Earl Baylon respectively is top tier. Though other characters emerge to help the two along in their journey, their core friendship helps Shadow of the Tomb Raider have an emotional constant that’s consistently endearing.’

-Gaming Bolt