July 19, 2024

Super Senior Woes

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So… this week has been one of the longest weeks… ever.  Curiously, this week has only really been 4 days long because of veteran’s day.  But it sure felt like the entire 5 days.. plus more.

Well not really.. because even if it was a long week, it still went by really really fast.  I know it’s kinda confusing… it was really long, but went by really fast… one of those interesting conundrums that I can’t quite explain right now, considering my current state of mind… oh fatigue.

This seems to be the running theme of my 5th year… no rest… it just doesn’t stop.  Hehe.  I’ve been saying it a whole lot recently that I really thought 5th year would be much chillin and stuff.  That isn’t quite the case.  Considering PUSO, Alyansa, UC, and other things… like school.  Things are just coming one thing after another it seems.  Not that I really mind… It’s all for a cause u know?

Which reminds me… Gala is on saturday… It’s amazing how these big events just creep up on you without you knowing.  At least everything looks like it’s set.  I even got a date! Woohoo!  Thanks to Mr. Pikklz!

Happy Birthday btw!  Get ready for the Reignstorm.

Ever get that feeling that’s there’s just millions of things to say… yet you just can’t get any of it out?  It’s a bottleneck situation… large pool of ideas… but there’s only one way in or out… and it ain’t all that big.

My roommate just bought a Mr. Potato Head family set… ingenious toy… it’s holds endless possibilities and I image fosters creativity in all them youngsters.  And it’s fun dammit.  Which brings me to the observation that kids these days just don’t have some of the cool toys that we did when we were kids… but they’re slowly coming back.  I just weng to Target the other day and they have a new Big Loader set… and it’s radio controlled now… so tempting.

I still miss the days of the old Transformers, Voltron, GI Joe, and He-Man.  And Simon.. remember that?  That was cool.

Did y’all know, btw, that the first Mr. Potato Head toys were just a set of eyes w/ differen’t noses and mouths.  You had to supply your own Idaho Spud.

Babbling.  Tired.  Gala.  Talk more later.

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