May 20, 2024

F**k Turkey Day

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Well, my 12th ever Uniting Voices concert has come and past.  It trips me out when I think about it.  I’ve participated in 90+% of the concerts that UV has had… ever.

I know I say this a lot, but Echo Point rocks.  I feel so so so lucky to be singing with these guys.  It’s amazing to me how quick we pick up things these days.  And dude… our new guy Eric… I’m glad he’s gained the confidence to sing w/ us.  I know before that he has his reservations, but now… it’s just bootiful.  If only Nina could’ve been there to see & hear it.  I was pretty happy w/ the job we did with “You’ve lost that loving feeling.”  And I got one of the best compliments ever after the show.  Joyce… she was UV director my first year ever… she said it rocked, and that we sounded really good, and it was one of her favorite acts.  Now this means a WHOLE lot coming from Joyce.  It totally made my day.

I’m also quite excited by the new talent coming into the club.  We’ve got this new guy who sang and accompanied himself to “Right Here Waiting.”  That was one of the most awesome crowd reactions I have ever heard at a UV concert.  This guy is amazing.  I can’t wait til he becomes an Ech…, hehe…. Yeah.  Let me tell you this, the collective audience underwear must’ve been a bit damp after that performance… mine included.

Congrats to all the new UV members and to UV Board on a dope-rockinest first concert!!!

So, after the concert, I had to catch the tail end of the PUSO board meeting… then off to 1506 for drunk fun!

How much fun was my birthday!?  A whole lot!!  I can’t remember too much, so it must’ve been good!  I just don’t remember anything after that Alumni shot…woohoo!

I do, however, remember waking up outside on my patio.  Hahaha.

Thanks so much to everyone that came.  Who knew there would be karaoke?

Ok… time for the cryptic part.

So, sometimes, I just don’t know what to do.  How do you tell a friend that what they’re doing is hurting everyone… without offending them or whatever?  It’s a tough corner to be in I must tell you.  Because, for the greater good, it must be said… but how exactly should it be said?  I’ve been running scenarios through my head day in and day out… but nothing seems to work out right.  I guess the best way is just to lay it all out on the table… have to take action soon.

I have to remind myself to start on that handbook/guide.

I was somewhere reading a bulletin board on clinical depression, which I really think I had my junior year… it was bad.   I should have been on medication or something.  Right next to the little section on depression, there’s a section on bipolar disorder.  It was honestly a bit scary cuz I seem to exhibit some of the symptoms of the disorder.  I could just be overreacting… but u know it’s a bit scary no?  It may be time for me to get checked up.

Thanksgiving was on Thursday.  I read my roomie’s entry, all about what he’s thankful for, it’s cool.  But I’m gonna take a different take on the whole thing.  Hehe… the whole world might just hate me for this one… but hey, the truth hurts.

My belief is that Thanksgiving is just a big, bloated, corporate made-up holiday that doesn’t celebrate anything truly worthy.  It’s kind of like Valentine’s and Christmas.  (For those of you who don’t know… Jesus was NOT born on December 25th.  Our LORD was actually born sometime around February or March.  This isn’t a hunch, Astronomers, among other people have pointed out that for the celestial phenomena outlined in the bible to occur, the whole nativity would have been in early spring rather than in winter.  The reason why it was moved to the time it’s at is that the Church was attempting to phase out “pagan” holidays, thus they rearranged the liturgical holidays to “coincide” with already existing holidays.  Christmas is right around the Winter Solstice, and All Saints Day… that’s right after Hallowe’en.  And Valentine’s day… yeck, let me just say that if I were St. Valentine, I’d be a bit pissed that a bunch of greeting card companies decided to take focus away from my feast day to capitalize on an opportunity to sell more chocolate.)

So anyway, what you’re really celebrating when you carve that turkey is the destruction of many Native American’s way of life.  The Puritans who landed on Plymouth rock and the subsequent colonizers were indeed helped out by the Native Americans that first winter.  Truly, the Pilgrims never would have survived because they didn’t know the ways of the land.  And what were the Native Americans paid back with?  Slavery and death.  Native Americans were regularly captured and sent back to Europe as slaves.  And I’m sure everyone’s heard of one the first instances of Biological Warfare.  The colonizers would give the Native Americans blankets as offerings of “peace.”  Little did the Natives know that those blankets were infected with smallpox, a sickness against with they had no immunity.  So, while the colonizers stayed healthy, the Native Americans died by the thousands, maybe millions.

Now, I’m not knocking all you folks who celebrate the ideal of Thanksgiving, but it sure made me think twice when I learned the real deal.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I know “thanksgiving” is supposed to be a day when you express thanks for all that the LORD, whoever your lord may be, has given to you.  Believe me, I’m thankful for everthing I’ve been given… and I realize every day that even though I’m not exactly priveleged by this society’s standards, I’m still luckier than so many others… but shouldn’t we all really be thankful every day of our lives?   In my opinion, 1/365 is really a lousy ratio.

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