July 19, 2024

The Two Towers

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Guess what I saw last Wednesday.  You guessed it, the second installment in New Line’s LOTR trilogy.

Did I enjoy it? …most definitely

Am I biased? …yes.

How could I not be?  I’ve been reading LOTR stuff since I was in Junior High.  And before then, I was already a fan of the genre. Anyway, the movie was awesome, epic, and just damn crazy.  I can’t wait to watch it again. If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you set aside 3 hours of your life to engage in some premium cinematics.

But… if you haven’t read the books or at least watched the first movie, do so.  Otherwise you might just get lost.  At least hit this site up: The Encyclopedia of Arda

So after watching the movie… which was 1nce again an outing of the PUSO guys +2. Afterwards, Consiglieri, Puggy, Smokey & I went over to IHOP and engaged in some old man talk.  Hehe, we’re falling into the old dude pattern again… dinner, then movie. Hahaha.

Spent a couple of days back home-home… sorry to say, but 56k is absolute torture, especially after living w/ a broadband connection for the past 4 years.  Call me spoiled… but I feel like I’m waiting there forever for some webpages to load.

I’m watching the Worlds Strongest Man competition on ESPN.  Crazy stuff.  If you’ve never seen it before, it’s a bunch of super-muscled powerhouses from all over the world pulling big rigs and lifting boulders over their heads seeing who can do it faster and heavier.  Hehe… I love it.  I’ve always dreamed of being a contestant in the competitions… be the first person of Asian descent to enter.  Woohoo!

I really think I was on my way in high school… by the time I graduated, I was benching 315 and squatting 500+.  It’s not a monstrously huge weight, but that’s after a little over a year of training.  And keep in mind, I was 17.  I really hoped that I’d be able to get my bench to about 400 at least by the time a graduated from college.  I was like, eh… what’s another 85 lbs in 4 years.  Hehehe… now I’m back down to ~200lbs.  Horrible ain’t it?

So Christmas is in 3 days.  I want to avoid the malls as much as humanly possible.

Stupid grades.

Finally updated my webpage.  Check it out.

Happy Holidays to all!!

Wokka wokka

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