April 20, 2024

Become an Actor? PFFFt

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Quite a few things tonight seemed to be pointing to choosing a career.

1. I was watching Jeorpardy again (woohoo) and after the show, my mom asked what the winner did for a living. I had no idea because I was rather revolted by the amount of questions this set of contestants missed.

2. I was talking to Consiglieri on AIM, and he was telling me about his dentist visit, where the dentist spoke about her kids’ future careers.

3. Came across a career finder online test on brandspanking’s site.  It seems my the career that most fits my personality and skill set is an actor or performer.  *sigh* Should I take it as a sign?  I mean, not only was that the highest ranked match, it was a 100% match.  Other lower matches were choreographer, director, dancer (I can’t dance), and counseling psychologist.  Hmmm…

Anyway, Christmas was whatevs… it’s been like that for the past 3 years. Can’t really say why… I’m guessing it’s cuz I sit at home watching TV. Mmmm… makes sense…

So… human cloning huh? Quite scary.  Is it me, or does that Clonaid lady look like something from a comic book or a sci-fi movie?

Either way… it sure does have a sci-fi movie feel.  Pretty soon, some dude w/ a brown cloak and a weird laser sword is gonna order a clone army or something.  Syfo Dyas?

Did I mention she’s part of some sect who believes the human race is essentially a cloning experiment by extraterrestrials?

I mean… I believe that E.T.s exist and all, but whew.

Head hurts… I’m gonna watch Blade II now…

WOkka x2

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