April 20, 2024


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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

And so starts the quarter of meetings galore. Whoa PUSO! Whoa Alyansa!

Not that I minded too much.  It’s great to see everyone again… especially after being deprived of social contact for the past three weeks.

Ok, so maybe it’s partially my fault that I was deprived…

Board like my longsleeve designs by the way… I hope it gets picked.

Went to Church for the first time in a while (besides Christmas).  It was rather enjoyable.  I like going to Mass here at interfaith 10 times better than going back home.  Reason being, people here go because they actually want to.  People back home go cuz they have to… and it shows.  You can see it in their faces… you can feel it in the way they respond (or don’t respond), and in the way they almost NEVER sing. You don’t gotta be Brian McKnight to sing in church.

My old church choir director in high school used to say, “He who sings prays twice.”

I dunno how much creedence this holds, but I sure feel like I’m baring my soul when I sing… like I’m extending my being to the heavens.

Which reminds me… gospel choir tomorrow!!

I sure hope I can get myself to do better this quarter.

Pretty excited about skit too.  Oh yes… but like Bertolucci says… I dunno if anything can touch Skit 2000.  Golden I say… golden.

Tired I am… sleep I must.

Tomorrow, class I have.


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