July 19, 2024

Free Code Red

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So… yeah, I just re-read my last blog and I’ve come to the definite conclusion that I’m a loser.  That’s it.

Otherwise… today was rather good.

I did OK on my neuro lab.  Did better than ever before on my in-class writing for Age of the Samurai… a class which I was inspired to take by an Anime series.

Yay for Rorouni Kenshin.

Lab was rather interesting today though in that we were extacting the sciatic nerve from a live bullfrog to use in an action potential stimulation experiment.  It was hella crazy cuz the frogs were super-anesthetized so whenever we did anything that touched any of the major nerves or spinal cord, its legs started kicking.  Weird…

Still… I couldn’t help but thinking… I never should have been a bio major.

Something else cool happened today.  I went to a convenience store to pick up my dose of liquid crack.  And when I brought the bottle up to pay for it, the girl behind the counter was like, “Hey, you’re the guy who helped me out during finals week.”  Yup, she was some random girl during finals week who asked us for help cuz she was having a bitch of a time getting her final paper printed.

Then she goes, “Oh, you can just take it.”

Woohoo!!! Free Code Red!!!

Rolled 4/6 1506 to kaba modern tryouts.  And as always… you can tell who’s got the experience and who’s the newbie.  There were a couple of groups that just rocked shit like crazy.  Can’t wait to see who the new team is.

Oh yes… so after the tryouts, I roll with Kuya, Kayumanggi, and Seville to a party b-day at tapas.  It’s a party for one of the SPOP staffers and her twin… but I kinda forgot that they’re from the same area as me.  So, I see hella peeps from back home… including my little sister!! Yack!  How weird, running into my little sister at a club.

It was pretty cool though cuz there were hella SPOP heads there… it was rather reminiscent of summer.  Ahhh… summer.

Anyway… gotta get back to work… whatever that is.

Oh, and BTW, if anyone ever gets a chance to see Brian McKnight: Music in High Places… woohoo… his voice is so clean… i’m friggin jealous.  Fo sho.

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