May 20, 2024
2 min read

On Monday, 033, at UC, Irvine, the heart of the people spoke…

…and was heard.

I must say, that I played such a small role being on the negotiating team… because 100 people were outside screaming their lungs out for 2.5 hours straight.

But… it sure was surreal when I stepped out of the luncheon room and all those people screamed, laughed, cried, and farted at the same time… wowee.

I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to play my little part in this struggle for relevant education, for retaining Tagalog at UCI.

I know the fight isn’t over yet.  There’s so much more to go… but round 1 goes to us.

It sucks though… that with such a mobilization going on that some people were probably still sitting in the Cross lounge playing pusoy… or standing by being a passive observer to the rally.   Not holding a sign, not marching, not screaming to be heard… just watching while history passes them by.

If you don’t fight for your rights… who will? Makibaka huwag matakot.

My thirteenth UV concert has come and passed.  I can say that I am really happy about our Echo Point performance… You guys are the best… privileged I am to sing with you.  Harmonies smooth like silk…
Echo Point Media Page… (oooh, fancy… not really.)

My solo though… was blah.  First time… maybe last…

We’ll miss you Jay… and that oh so mellow-smooth voice of yours.  Have a super dope time in Japan.

And… hehe… welcome Allan to the group.

Found out today that a friend’s unit got activated and he’s going off to war.  Going away shindig is tomorrow.

Damn you, all you greedy sons of bitches.

I hope you enjoy your precious oil while you in burn hell.

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