June 17, 2024
1 min read

Prevailing thought from yesterday:

Never become complacent.  Never think that everything is peachy-keen in the world… because the simple truth is: things are pretty fucked up.

Once you become complacent… it’s means you’ve become blind.  You’ve turned away from the world’s problems to focus on your own.  And sometimes… that can be just as bad as causing the problems yourself… because you’re doing NOTHING to help.

I believe in this country it’s supposed to be against the law right?  Aiding and abetting… is that what they call it?

I know we’re all busy people, but if all that’s making you busy has to do with yourself… that’s some severe imbalance.

Unfortunately, that’s the way this society has been raised… fend for yourself… what really matters is YOU.  Everyone tends to see themselves as individuals rather than individuals within a community. 

“It’s not my problem.”

“I’ve got my own problems to worry about.”

“What can I do? “

You can do alot.  You just gotta take the time to find out what exactly that is.

Prayer can move mountains… but who says action isn’t a form of prayer?

Hate me if you wish… but I’ve got VidCaps from PCN Saturday practice!!

Roommate on Tiniks

Puggy on Senior Dance

Bblaze w/ the botched nipple grab.

Mmmm… now to my trusty 89 Toyota w/ Rent in the CD Player.

Home-home, here I come.

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