July 19, 2024

Garden State

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The more I think about it, the less and less I want to work at this lab
job, sitting at a lab counter for hours on end categorizing sperm,
urine, and various other body fluids.

I’m very hopeful, though, that it will all be worth it when I’m sitting
in my room, finally playing my very own guitar… Ok… maybe I’m a
little obsessed huh?

This is where I plug the movie Garden State.  Watch it…
now.  It’s message is very relevant, and speaks strongly to our
generation.  Or, maybe just our age group.  In the main
character’s (Andrew Largeman) story, many of us will see

He is the posterboy of post-college twentysomethings.  Sprinkle on the sharp
wit and a great soundtrack… and you’ve got Garden State. Oh, and
Natalie Portman is unbelievably cute.  Like, funny feeling in the
stomach, “man I need to get some air” cute.

One of Largeman’s spiels in particular got to me.  He says
something about losing that sense of home, and trying again to
desperately find it.  I’m not doing it justice… watch the
movie.  When you see people jumping into a swimming pool, pay

Great game.
I’m warning you though, if you don’t have a moderately fast computer
(>1GHz), it’s gonna run kinda slow.  Thanks to K1 for the

And after you watch that… go here:

I start working full time on Monday…. someone help me.………


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