July 19, 2024


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i will type entirely in lowercase today.

so, today i get home from work, ready to play a little world of warcraft.  i sit down at my computer, hit the power switch, and watch as it does absolutely nothing.

absolutely nothing?  aren’t you supposed to like, boot up or something? bah!

i’m going to microcenter tomorrow.  i hope it’s just the power supply.

wait, how the hell am i typing this if my computer isn’t working? thanks allan for the use of your computer.

btw, you look scrumptious in green with black tights.

um. i got a new guitar stand from the gift exchange at work.  at first, i was disappointed that it wasn’t a capo, but this stand is hot.  see?

seems you all liked that last post.  i’m gonna go back and see exactly how many posts fit into that schematic.

why is the world full of lana langs…

so it’ll be cool when kris moves back up to irvine.  we can start jamming and i can get good at guitar hopefully.  the one thing i really appreciate about kris is that he’s uber in touch with who he is… at least i think so.  it makes for fun times… cuz funny is an art.

in a little less than a week, the prestigious order of the c and c will hold it’s weekly meeting… with all it’s members present.  hopefully.

ok… i really must get to sleep… long day tomorrow.

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