July 19, 2024

Fellowship of the Ring

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Alot of the time, I judge a movie by the mood it puts me in after I step out of the theatre.  I just stepped out of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, about 15 minutes ago, and… hmm…  I’m in a pretty good mood.  Pretty damn good.  It was awe-inspiring.   It reminds me of the first time I ever saw The Neverending Story way back in elementary school.  It was one of those movies that immersed you a fantasy world that was painted with such detail that you forgot it wasn’t real.  Wow.  In my mind, this movie is the only one in it’s genre (fantasy) that has gotten it right in a LOOONG time.  I’m thinking way back when w/ Willow and all those 80’s flicks.  We all know the D&D movie sucked extreme ass.  All the different elements of FOTR just seemed to blend seamlessly.  The CG was pretty good, so were the rest of the SFX.  The action scenes were heart-pounding (I was digging the wizard’s duel). The costumes and makeup kicked ass.  The languages sounded good (which is expected since Tokien was a linguist).  The musical score was moving.  Casting was excellent (Ian McKellan rocks).  And most of all, none of the actors made me spontaneously convulse and cringe every time they delivered a line.  Even (dare I say it?) Episode One didn’t do as good of a job (in my opinion).  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Star Wars and Ep. I, the CG was good, the villian was primo, and shet… it’s Star Wars.  It’s just that my moments of awe were shattered every time our Sith Lord to be uttered a freakin line.  “Oops!” “Will I ever see you again?”  “Now this is podracing!”  Grrrrr.  At the same time, I’m not saying that FOTR was perfect.  I did feel a bit rushed in some scenes, like there was a bit of a discontinuity.  But geez… it’s impossible to put EVERYTHING in the movie.  I mean it’s already 3 hours long!  Also I really liked some of the scenes in the book that were cut out of the movie.  But again, it’s already 3 hours long and the parts that are there make up for it, totally.  Geez… what else can I say?  I feel like I’m not doing it justice!  It’s kinda hard to… just go watch the movie!

I only wish that some people were a bit more knowledgable about the trilogy before entering the theatre.  I mean, I don’t expect everyone to have read the trilogy, but to not know that the trilogy exists??  Gimme a freakin break!  Put down your freakin TV clicker for once and pick up a book.  Read the freakin newspaper!  Dawson’s Creek can wait! (or be cancelled… either way is fine w/ me.)  And if you don’t know something… don’t have a damn conversation about it in the middle of a movie!  Idiot!  “They tortured who?” “Oh, I thought he was dead.”  And as we were walking out, “Is that it?”  No that’s not it… there’s another two movies coming, which is a good thing for you, since you’re probably not gonna pick up the other two books.  Hehe… sorry… it really annoys me when people talk in movie theaters… it’s kinda like people that don’t use their turn signals.

Anyway… looks like I’ve written a bit much.  It’s ok… I have time now that I’m on Christmas break.

And I’m not gonna fall… for sure.

1 thought on “Fellowship of the Ring

  1. LOL, I am all for having people summarily smacked if they talk in the movie theatre. 

    I had only read the Hobbit, but was enthralled enough not to ask questions in the middle of the film. 

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