May 20, 2024

Overdramatic, much?

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2003 has arrived.

It lifts my spirits a bit to think of the countless possibilities of the new year.

Unfortunately they droop once again at the thought of the oncoming storm… the possibility of war… and nuclear conflict.

It sure is scary… should’ve known… it’s been a decade or so since the last war.

I pondered for a second if I should conform and make a new year’s resolution.  I might just… nah.

Semi-interesting story.  Brought my mom to the pharmacist to pick up her meds.  And then, the tech comes to the counter… WHOA.  Hella cute… and all of sudden I turn stupid. I mean giddy stupid like everything she says is entertaining.  And I can’t stop smiling.  Gawd… someone castrate me.  Ok ok… i’m not done… so this Lolo comes up to the counter and doesn’t speak to much English, so the tech-girl makes an attempt at Tagalog.  And it’s broken and stuff… but for some reason I find it rather cute.  ARRRRGH! I need to walk away…

Whew… almost did something dumb.  Bambi, thank you for curing my ridiculous obsession with love.

Hah.  Classes starting back up in a couple of days.

Went shoe shopping today w/ the sibling unit.  Ended up with a pair of non-Chuck Taylor converse.  I think I’m gonna try something new.  I usually eff up my shoes like CRAZY in a short amount of time.  I think I’ve attributed this to the fact that I only have 1 pair of everday shoes.  I’m gonna buy a 2nd pair and put that into the rotation.  My hypothesis is that this will alleviate the amount of effed-upness that my shoes go through.  Eh, we’ll see.

On the way home, we talk mad ish about the high school that for all intensive purposes effed up our academic lives… and some peoples’ lives in general.  If that school ever burns down, I’ll be the first to dance on the ashes.

Saw Sound of Music the other day.  Reminded me of all you crazy green-year spop people… *sigh*

Oh, before I forget… Merry New Year everyone.

2003, here we come.

3 thoughts on “Overdramatic, much?

  1. Shoot, you wouldn’t be the only one dancing if that school burnt down.  Heck, I would go around the school to make sure everything was completely destroyed before doing the victory dance. hehe.  How sad, it’s like we are the only ones who hate our high school.

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