July 19, 2024

That 19″ CRT weighed like 50 lbs

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And I’m typing this entry on my brand new refurbished 19″ monitor… oh yes… under a hundred dollars too.  Am I happy about it… oh yeah.

This monitor is actually my first ever.  Previously I’ve used other peoples’ monitors or that POS that came with my first ever computer… a 486DX2-66.  That thing was bad… wouldn’t go past 640×480…

My stupid USB port/bus/something is trippin.  I don’t want to have to buy another part… dammit.

It’s pretty quiet in the apartment when you’re the only one here.  Luckily I had the company of the TV… and the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Sci-Fi.

Dragonheart II was on Sci-Fi today.  Normally, I’d prolly say it sucked… but :
1)There’s a Filipina in it: Rona Figueroa… she busted some martial arts… automatic rrawr!
2)It’s about dragons!  I’ve got an obsession.

Looking forward to my “Age of the Samurai” class… I wonder how much watching Rorouni Kenshin will help me.  Prolly not too much… oh well.

Thought I’d end with another annoying test… but it’s not so annoying cuz I got a dope result:

Watch it bub… X2 out soon… yay.

Time for some fake sleep… I’m izzout.


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