May 20, 2024

Peter. Pan.

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It’s been a long week… and a long weekend tooo.   I wish I could sleep for a month.  Maybe then I’d be caught up.

I can’t believe it’s 5th week of the quarter already.  It feels like just yesterday I was rotting my brain in front of the boob tube over the holiday break.

I went to a conference yesterday, which I will talk about at greater length later.  It’s just that the whole boob tube statement reminded me of a comment one of the speakers made.  It went something like, “The News isn’t even the News anymore.  It’s entertainment.  They’re competing for your viewership, so they have to broadcast something that sells.  That’s why you have anchor’s flirting with each other.”

So true, so true.  The speaker was talking about TV in particular, but I’m sure it can be applied to any type of news.  Fair warning to anyone out there that uses the mainstream American media for your sole source of current events… alot of the time, you’re better of reading Grimm’s Fairy tales… at least they don’t claim to be the truth.  If you really want news… at least watch the BBC if you have cable… you’d be suprised at how much more substance there is.

Zotbowl was cool. Bookstore didn’t win finally. X-Factor came in 5th.  I swear, one day, their time will come.  Thank God I didn’t have to bowl.  That would’ve been quite embarrasing.  Did get a couple good pics w/ Kayumanggi’s new Powershot G3 though.

Oh yeah… check out those 1506 guys… rawr! <==growling racoon.

Went to Kuya and Danielle’s dilly at RockBottom this past Thursday.  Although I got there late… I must say it was rather fun.  It was great to see some people I haven’t seen in a while and see Kuya dressed up like Mr. Rogers after a tanning session.  Dude… were’d you get that sweater?

It was fun seeing Kuya belligerent drunk for once.

Friday was pretty packed.  I woke up that morning and helped give out $40k in grant money.  Fun huh.  Straight to Tenko for lunch, then rushing to finish my SPOP app.  I’m really scared about this thing.  I have a feeling I won’t make it this time… in which case I’d be forced to smack my brains out w/ a rubber mallet.

Oh…I bought a Peter Pan book… the complete illustrated story.  You know after that one post about 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning, I realized that I have never read the full story.  Lucky me the book was a whole 6 bucks on, including shipping.  And it’s regularly like 25 bones!!

I mean… I’ve seen the Disney version of Peter Pan before u know… but they always sugar-coat the stories for the sake of happy storytelling.  Case in point… in the real Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen, the mermaid dies because she couldn’t bring herself to drive a dagger into the prince’s heart.  Supposedly, the blood spray that came from his ticker should’ve magically turned her feet back into a mermaid’s tail.  Instead, she jumped into the sea and became sea foam.

Case 2: Pocahontas.  This whole thing about Pocahontas jumping in front of the executioner to save the life of John Smith…phooey.  Old wood carvings and stuff show Pocahontas standing by her dad’s side, calmly asking him not to kill the invader.  Pocahontas, BTW was a youthful 13 to Smith’s 31.  In fact, the two never even started a relationship.  Pocahontas eventually married a tobacco farmer, John Rolfe, who brought her back to Europe.  Unfortunately, not too long after, Pocahontas died of some Old World disease… so much for Colors of the Wind.

Now, it’s not like I’m knocking these Disney flicks…cuz I like them… I really do.  I just like finding out the story the way it was originally told u know?

Where was I? Ah yes.. APAAC conference… it was quite a full day. I’m really starting to fall asleep now… so all I’ll talk about is the highlight of the day for me, HereandNow Theatre company.  They’re an Asian-American theatre company that deal with issues within the community… not extremely heavy issues, but issues nonetheless.  I’d really like to try out for it.  The question is… am I good enough?  And do I have enough confidence to do it?  Nah.  Not yet.

Came across a new celebrity to ogle over… Natassia Malthe
Half Norwegian, Half Malaysian, all Beauty.

Hey…I smell cheddar.

Ok… this is Ronin, signing off. Over… and out.  Zzzzzzz.

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