July 19, 2024
2 min read

Music of the Minute: Dead Prez – They School; Jurassic 5 – Freedom

UCI Career fair’s going on outside.

I’m inside though… blogging.

Wait… aren’t you graduating Earl?  Don’t you need a job?

Sure do.

Well then get out there and find one!!

Eh… they don’t have too many jobs out there for bio majors… especially ones will low GPAs.  Besides… hate me, but I’m not too keen about becoming a corporate stooge.

What?  Well Mister, you’re gonna have to face the facts one day that you’re gonna have to grow up, get a job, and work just like the rest of us.  Besides, what’s more important?  Having a place to live and pleasing your parents? or your Principles?

Tough question.  I’m sure there’s a way to circumvent this corporate stooge thing…

So, are you calling the rest of us corporate stooges?

No… you don’t know… you wouldn’t understand.  There’s more to it than you could ever realize. Besides, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.  I mean, you still think the Philippines is a free country and that we need more prisons at the cost of educational institutions.

What the hell are you?  Some kind of tree-hugging liberal?

Call me that again, and I’ll kill you.  I swear it.

Why don’t you just conform already?  Finish school, find a job, get married and buy a house w/ a white picket fence?  And some dogs, a poodle named Foofoo and a golden retriever named sport… and have a couple kids… just worry about what YOU’VE gotta do.  Besides… all those people are thousands of miles away.  They don’t concern you.

Yeah, chase that dream and die trying.  Die body… and soul.  Die heart… and mind.  Leave me be and sell your robot dreams somewhere else. You’re time’s up motherf**ker.

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  1. haha, that was a great blog earl. a lil on the disgruntled / slightly cynical, but thats what made it great. but yea i figured it out finally. i felt stupid when i figured out how to embed it. the hard part was getting my ftp to work. haha, okay laters

  2. Haha u know bro it’s weird… how cynical i’ve been getting lately.  Eh… it happens once every so often.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the blog though!

    Now I’ve gotta learn how to embed mp3s.

  3. hey darlin. insightful blog. though a bad mood may have sparked the cynicism, if it’s anything deeper, know i’m always up here just for you… except for next satuday… cause i’ll be down there especially for YOU!

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