May 20, 2024
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And yet another PCN has come and past.

So I sit here wondering why I was so numb to it all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because I’m old… and I’m leaving.

I guess you could build a strong case for the theory that this numbness is my mind’s defense mechanism trying to prevent this pain of separation which may very well occur when I take my walk down that commencement aisle.

4 years ago, I stepped on that PCN stage for the first time ever.
Yesterday… I stepped off… permanently.

I remember right before PCN my sophomore year, one of the other guys on skit cast, Dustin, went nuts cuz it was his last time ever.

He came back to watch PCN for the first time last night.  I have a feeling I may just be doing the same thing.

Skit 2003, y’all are awesome.  I wasn’t sure the audience was gonna dig our humor at first.  But you all have a way of making things dog gone funny. Yeah Bans!

So, apparently, over the course of this entry, I’ve gone from numb to mush.

Choir’s been great to me… I just wish I didn’t have to bail out so much cuz of skit.  Always wanted to do Kordilyera… damn.

Well… maybe I can just walk around my apartment in a bahag. Heh.

Anyway… my year is far from over.  I guess it’s just nuts because PCN is the first “last ever” year-closing event.  I dunno if that made sense.
I still have my last PUSO elections and board meeting… hella fun day.. among other things… but yeah… you get my point.

You know what?  It seems to take me forever to write blogs.  I guess I just get distracted easily… man, if only I had some ritalin.

I really wish there were 35 hours in a day… or I had Evie’s power from Out of This World.  Y’all know you remember that.

I have more to say.

I just can’t get it out… my mind’s too damn jumbled.  Dammit…
I swear it has to be some kind of condition… I can’t even do anything productive when it happens.  I just sat on the couch thinking for the last ten minutes.

It gets even worse if I smoke out… what the hell’s wrong w/ me?  I dunno.

Haha… getting delerious

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  1. or you can get professor x’s powers and do some masterba… i mean, things while everythings kinda frozen in time. hehe.


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