May 20, 2024

Miss Saigon tho

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Not even light can escape…
So, I’ve been home-home for the longest run yet.

Allz I can say is, praise the Lord for this little thing I call the Gameboy Advance SP.  And Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga…. great game.

Is it sad that I’ve logged 15 hours in the past 3 days?

And the council reconvenes…

3/5ths old man council outing last night.

It felt good to be in LA again.  Sure Irvine’s nice and clean.  But it seriously has no flavor.  It’s like premium plain yogurt… sure it’s the best quality out there… but it still tastes little better than paper.

Anyway… saw Ms. Saigon for the first time.  Orchestra level seats at the Pantages baby.  I swear, half the cast was Filipino.  I’m taking it as a sign dammit.

Jennifer Paz is my new infatuation of the week.

Unfortunately, walking out of the theater… I felt pretty unimpressed… and I felt like taking a shit on the stage after that ending.  I swear, it’s the same story everywhere… brown people get pissed on.

Just an cursory analysis… maybe I may think differently after some thinking.  Maybe not.

The one thing I oh-so-miss about LA is the good, cheap food.  Oh, El Gran Burrito… your burrito-y goodness is so good.  With $2.50 carne asada burritos… you really can’t go wrong.

I’ll remote YOUR access!!!
Apparently, tripod has new remote access restrictions, which I didn’t know about.

So, if anyone is still dying to hear that last “Echo Point minus Eric” clip I posted, just head straight to the Echo Point clips page.  If you’ve forgotten it:

Mmm… acapella goodness.

5 thoughts on “Miss Saigon tho

  1. hahaha hey earl!  hope you’re doing well, enjoying the summer.  alright time to go make up more weird word strings.

    -Julius Go #1
    my surfer girllll (and then the guitars come in going “whewww woew!!…”)

  2. sweet URL. that sounds SO WONDERFUL. i swear, it makes my heart MELT when i hear you guys sing. sweet echo men… i miss you guys SO much. (SO SO MUCH.)  we need to have an echo point rendezvous… what if errol and i come half way down? we should all meet in santa barbara or something!!!  woohoo ENERJE!!!

    (remember the very first time the five of us sang together in march of 2001?) only took us another year to perfect “gone!” singing to a tree right outside HIB…

    love you babe.   call me sometime!

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