April 20, 2024

Happiness is pizza with sausage

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There’s something wrong with me.  These days I can’t seem to get to sleep before the sun comes up.  I guess it’s kinda understandable when you’re living in the dorms… at least you’ve got people to keep you company at 5am.

I’m just sitting here, in a dark room… the TV is off. It’s rather peaceful except for all the clutter in my head. And I know for sure I’m tired cuz damn, I fell asleep twice for 5 minutes intervals…

I swear… one night it’s SPOP, another night it’s college memories in general, then the nature of being broke, then career paths, then about just growing up.

Last night I was outside the pad at Greenmoor with Kuya, and the conversation eventually steered itself to people getting married and who would be who’s groomsmen and all that… and where we’d all be in 5 years.  And where everyone would end up settling down.  Scared the donkey snot outta me.

All I could think was, “But I have yet to live!”

Seriously, it upset me so much I stayed up writing the beginnings of a new song.  It’s incubating… oh yes.

Went to 99 Ranch the other day to pick up some Nori to make some Spam Musubi… and since 7-11 was so close by, I decided to pick up a much needed Slurpee.  While I was walking back to my car, I suddenly realized that I was pretty damn happy.  That made me think… damn, I’m a simple fool with simple pleasures.

Simple things that make me happy (in no way is this an exhaustive list)
.making sushi
.being on stage..hah
.wind blowing between my fingers or through my hair
.a GOOD guitar (i’ve only played 5 i’d call GOOD)
.finding/making just the right gift
.singing at the top of my lungs in the middle of nowhere
.video games and cartoons on early saturday mornings
.empty movie theaters
.a book and my headphones
.being creative
.learning to whistle
.tying your shoes for the very first time
.uploading stupid-looking profile pcs of myself
.thinking about how i’ve got the best friends in the world

mmm… ok I think I can sleep now.


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