May 20, 2024

Pitch Black

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Good morning ladies and gents.  Time for another episodes of
“Secrets of Grey Matter,” with your host,

Drove down to San Juan Capistrano to take my drug test today.
Will I pass? Who knows.  All I know for sure is that my car will
hate me if I take this job… cuz man, that drive.  The one
redeeming quality of the trip was my discovery of this:

Yes people… grape mountain dew… the perfect partner to live wire
and code red.  The cool part is, when you pour it out the foam
turns blue.  Weird huh?

Went to an improv event w/ some SPOP Maroon people.  I was
reminded of two facts: 1) I’m old.  2) I’m a stage whore.  I
know I say this alot, but, “Man, if there was some way I could make a
living by doing this.”

Speaking of making a living… I have another job interview tomorrow: Shipping for a laptop parts company. Oh yeah baby.

I’ve decided that my first paycheck is going to a new guitar.
After 14 years… I will finally have a guitar.  This is a
momentous occasion for me.

You will never really know how much of a loser I am.  Australia.

Went to the Carson Super K (imagine a goliath K-mart) at 3am w/ Kuya
last Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Saw a drug dealer.

Just thinking the other day while I was cooking.  I wonder if
Jevon got excited cuz his name is rather similar to the ultimate baddie
at the end of Final Fantasy X.  And  in Hebrew or Aramaic I
think  J is a Y… that’s how YHWH ended up JeHoVaH.

It’s hit me that these days, I have very few thoughts outside of finding work, video games, and the cubs curse….

Sleepy time.

4 thoughts on “Pitch Black

  1. i saw that mountain dew at the store today, and my first thought was “earl’s gotta see this.”  sad, but true.

    i tried the exclusive MD flavor at taco bell; nowhere near livewire or code red.


  2. dammit, only you would find the overlooked details in my entries and make me feel like such a dumbass…its ok, as long as its you Earl…quite a good laugh I must say, down with 2nd final! and 2 days til I get home…so I will for sure see you when all this madness is done…interesting pic by the way!

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