May 20, 2024

On the new car search

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This past week or so has felt like a lifetime… well, maybe I’m
hyperbolizing a bit.  It’s felt quite long though.  With my
mind constantly preoccupied with car troubles and “how the eff am I
gonna get to work,” I feel like I’ve turned myself into a
mental recluse.  Bah.

So, anyway… my car was running wednesday… I take it out friday to
go pick up some stuff at Tarzhay… then a quick hop to Ace Hardware…
jump back in the car to head home.

[Insert imitation of a car cranking, but not starting here.]

Yes… I had to call mybumbum to pick my sorry ass up from Ace
Hardware.  I have no idea what went wrong w/ the battery… but I
had to drop 50 big ones on a new one.  DAAAAMMMMIT!!!1

In related news, because I’m shopping for a new used car (w00t!), I
decide to subscribe to Carfax for a month.  If y’all don’t know
what carfax is… it’s basically an online tool where you can look your
car up by its VIN number and check out it’s history (major accidents,
odometer fraud, etc.)  I look up my current truck and I can’t say
I’m surprised:

Back in ’97 the odometer got rolled back 80,000 miles… which means my
truck actually has something like 230,000 miles on it.

I realized today that I can be one critical bastard when it comes to
“artsy” stuff.   Singing, writing (mostly stuff in TV and
movies), design work (esp. webpages), are now all subject to the little
simon cowell persona inhabiting the recesses of my mind.

Don’t worry… it’s not like I’m constantly spewing critical
comments.  I’d never actually say something to hurt anyone’s
feelings… unless you ask of course.  Still…I’m all about being

Went to Narano sushi here in irvine con mi madre y hi hermana.  Man… Eel Special Roll.  I’m drooling as I type this.


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