April 20, 2024

Spoiler: I didn’t take my computer on date

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This was from wedneday.

As I sat at work today during my 6-hour mandatory overtime shift, one thought kept nagging me…

I’ve become complacent.

I work 40 hours a week whoring myself to a Fortune 500 company so I can
stay in my Newport Beach apartment, talk on my cell phone(when it
works), surf the internet on my brand new almost-top-of-the-line
computer, and roll in my new-used car.

All I need now is some pimp gear I can floss to impress all the honeys
and my conversion to the dark side will be complete.  Next thing
you know, I’ll be shopping at a mall and shit…

Anyway… work is like Office Space.  Just like office space… except, you know… in a lab.

So, during my lunch break… one of my coworkers asked me why I wasn’t
gonna stay the full 8hours, citing the fact that it’s only another 2

My reply: Every hour worked on my day off is an hour too long.

To which, another one of my coworkers said, “But, doesn’t it make you
feel good to know that you’re getting paid that much for
overtime?  Time and a half.”

And I told her, “No, it just make me feel like a cheap whore.”
Plus, work makes me smoke… it makes me smoke more than girls make me

This is from today.
Is it weird that I find peace in starbucks parking lots at midnight?  CnC pwnz that news van again.

Maybe if I can find a way to destroy my will to live and create, work will be better.

Dayam… what I need is a good video card.  Then I can be done
building this computer… cuz you know I’m taking it to gala and all.

There’s gotta be a handful of people out there who think I actually might do it.

I wonder how life would be if I was SimChuck.

Fark. Time to get ready for work.

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