April 20, 2024

The Day I Bought Lily (My guitar)

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This past week has been a blur of work, hookah smoke, drunken fun… and most importantly, phosphor bronze lights.

The boys of 1186 Corella are now proud owners of a 3-hose hookah, which
has gotten hasn’t had the chance to cool down since it came in on
wednesday… but today we’re giving it a much deserved rest.
Coffee and hookah anyone?

Also, in conjuction w/ the hookah… we had a little gathering here at
the apartment saturday, which was drunken fun.. complete with a group
of freshman that appeared out of thin air.  Seriously, there’s
nothing better than sitting out on your porch, hookah hose in one hand,
40 in the other, and a Seagull S6+ CW on your lap.

Oh… did I say that?

Muahhhahaha… so I get my phattest paycheck yet on Friday… and I say
to myself… this would be an opportune time to start looking for a
guitar.  So, I leave for work early so have some time to stop by
Jim’s Music on culver.  And me-oh-me-oh-my… the Seagulls are on

So, I whip out my cell, spend a few minutes using the calculator… and the rest is history.  And without further adieu:

This is gonna hurt come rent/car payment time.

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