July 19, 2024

Oh to be young again

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Hello everyone!

If everyone could just turn to page 30 (my Nov. 30, 2002 entry) so I
can avoid reiterating my feelings on thanksgiving… thanks.

Thanks to everyone, however, for making yesterday a raher enjoyable
celebration of oldness.  I haven’t had so much fun at the pub in a
while.  I miss seeing people that have nothing to do with work.
And since I almost never mention names… I think today would be
good… thanks to Kazee109, hellacoolaznpimp, charleehboon,
kathlynanne, KC_Twitch, holeeecraaap+roommate,  TallanT,
teknique521, idreamzz, toniblogna, obiwankaynobi, neo_geo, heyitsjaz,
shmelly, mybumbum, goodgirl480, psylentstorm, [woodhall]cumslinger, and
lightning rod, amongst others.

If I have forgotten your name in this not too exhaustive list… there
are one of 3 possibilities. 1)I do not know your sn/xanga nick/login
and don’t wanna put your real name (I have a thing about it, I don’t
know why),  2)I was too inebriated to remember you said whattup,
or 3)I’m an asshole… no, I really am.

Oh, and I’m thinking about naming my hermit crab Hermes… which may be
too cliche cuz it’s just too easy.  Either that, or Armand.
Just cuz.

Also, many graciases to Justin Case and the other residents of Tavern
on the Green(moor) for the pre-nov.25th festivities.  It’s good to
know you have friends that just may stick around til you’re old enough
to get cheaper movie tickets.


This makes me think… I heard somewhere that the friends you meet in
college are the ones you tend to spend the rest of your life
with.  If I’m lucky… the same truth will hold for my life.

I’m gonna go home-home now and spend some quality time with my
guitar… err, family… uh… family and guitar.   and

Oh, just in case I didn’t mention it… I’m old.

3 thoughts on “Oh to be young again

  1. We (stallanie) went to berto’s last night and I discovered that I have very mild asthma! So we had to leave after only a little while. But you went missing! No one could find you! BAHHHHH. I don’t like kitties anymore.

  2. happy belated darling! no worries about being old… besides – if you ever get hung up on it, just think: i may be old… but nina’s two whole month’s older! =P love you babe!

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