May 20, 2024

Retail Therapy

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Apparently, every present I buy must be either: a) a book, or b) something musical.

There are always rare exceptions to the rule, of course.. which
probably should’ve just been given it’s own c) header.  Fine….
c) video game related.

Today must have been the single longest shopping spree I have ever been
on.  Maybe spree is a bad word.  Seriously, a spree to me is
most likely a normal shopping day for some of you.  Plus, I am now

I’m happy that now I can play songs that require a capo, thanks to Tominsterfullerine.

Gosh, right now I feel like an ugly bag of water completely devoid of any creativity… it’s prolly cuz I have work tomorrow.

Oh… good news.  I’m working Christmas Eve.  Oh, and
Christmas Day too.  First one away from my broken family… how

A friend of mine once wrote me a note that said I was rather funny and
went on to thank me for keeping things irreverent.  Hah… you
don’t say.

Another friend of mine once said that she avoided blogging cuz she
thought they were just a way for people to brag about their
lives.  I dunno if what I type here could be considered bragging.

I suppose I should at least make an effort to make this blog fit her philosophy on blogging… wish me luck:

So… today I woke up before noon… no good?
So… today I… had fries and a frosty from Wendy’s… ok, better.
Today, I made a new friend… ok, that was just blatant lie.

Oh… July 16th, 2005 my friends… mark that date… I dunno why.

3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. I have yet to start reading that series… on that publication date I will turn the quarter century mark the day before that…scurry

    I’m working christmas eve too…happy holidays!

  2. oh geez. harry potter *drool* =X Don’t tell Allan!

    man…I’m gonna buy Allan a pair of those Harry Potter glasses. For a christmas present. Well really, it’s my christmas present to MEEEEEEEEE!!!

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