April 20, 2024

Mid-20s Artist Angst

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“Twas the night before new years
and all through the house,
not a  creature was stirring.

Except for Earl’s sad ass
who has work tomorrow.

Lacks feeling.

So, a couple weeks ago, I bought a cd/mp3 player to tide myself over
while I save up for a Dell Jukebox… yes, I’m deviating from the
norm.  Anyway, I bought the cheapest thing I could find… 24
bucks at bestbuy.

Needless to say, it was the crappiest piece of crap i’ve ever crapped
to crap.  Wouldn’t read half my mp3 tracks… ate up massive
amounts of batter power.. scratched the media off the top of my
CD-Rs.  And after a week the damn motor stopped spinning.

Anyhoo, I went back to bestbuy and stood in line for an hour and a half
cuz my dumbass decided to go 2 days after christmas.  And… I
ended up spending another 30 on a decent one.

At least it plays all my mp3s now.  W00t salvation from work induced insanity!

I’m gonna go link crazy.

Went to Ikea for the first time in forever.  Free vittles spanks to Vin-penny.  So, Allan and I have tons more space in our room thanks to Tromso.

I sleep in the top bunk.  Hah… I just made a funny.  Cowabunga.

Um.  Welcome back to the states Kuya, if even for a week.  Damn you and your pictures of stuff I never see anymore cuz I’m not in school.  Bah.

So, as mentioned by Bert-axe, I’ve got a hole in my sole.  If only the hole in the other kind could be fixed with shoe goop as well.

*w* *sob* *hyperventilate*

Dammit human muppet guy, move back up already so we can start making music.

How about an inspirational quote? Here goes.

“One day, everything’s gonna be fine. But until that day my only reply is Westside til I die.”

I’m off to brave the downpour to work in a place that makes it rain in my heart.
(that’s my tribute to all the bad writers in the world)

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