July 19, 2024


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I’ve really, really, really been wanting to update this for a while now, but
between the new job, video games, music, and tons of restaurants on
Harbor blvd, it seems I can never find enough time.

And even though it’s approximately 55 minutes past my bedtime, I feel
compelled to at least half-update…just to let everyone know I haven’t
been vaporized off the face of the earth by Uranians hell-bent on
meting out vengeance to every bastard that’s made a joke about their
planet’s name.

So here.  I’ve started a new job at a mortgage/insurance company
in irvine.  Unfortunately, I have to wake up at 6am to make it to
work at 7am.  Yes, I wake up and it’s still kinda dark.  But,
when quitting time comes, I’ve still got a good measure of daylight
left…sweet.  The job itself seems ok so far.  I’ve only
been there a week, so ask me again in 3 weeks.

I just beat KotORII:TSL last night.  Good game, up until the end.  Only took me 30 hours…. short for an RPG.

If anyone figures out what KotORII:TSL stands for, I’ll jock you for a
whole 5 minutes… 5 minutes!  Think of the possibilities.

Speaking of gaming… since when did xanga have a built-in “Currently
Gaming” option.  Shite… i was doing that 2 years ago.  This
leads me to the conclusion that I rule.

Hahaha… if only i could believe myself when I say that.

I now have a shelf in my room dedicated to StarWars.  The crowning
piece of it all is the Vader pez dispenser.  By golly, it’s

I feel a rut coming on. Rutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrut.  Gosh I hope I’m wrong.

Kris bought a djembe.  Now I wish I was born with an innate sense of rhythm.

I just sat here for 5 minutes without typing anything, so I’ll take it
as a sign that 1)I’ve run out of things to say, and 2)I’m sleepy.

And I shall bid thee adieu by saying: “Good morning starshine! The Earth says hello!”

9 thoughts on “Rutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrutrut

  1. Knight’s Of The Old Republic II: This Shit’s (too) Long

    you have any recommendations for a good, simple, button-smashing game involving ninjas/samurais/vampire hunters?

  2. hey earl… sorry for being sick on Saturday. I felt REALLY grosssss… yuucckk. Next time we all hang out again, please make sure I dont take a 4 hour test right before.. ahahah hope all is well with you :o) take care!

  3. heck yeah… it’s great to wake up early and actually get paid for it… but i’m sure if you got a job at a certain weather-themed gaming company, you’d be able to wake up hella early…and write about uh… uranians…invading…ukrainians? pah-owned!… or however you say that.

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