July 19, 2024

Enter: Room to Improv

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fellow cyber-denizens.  Hmmm… so, what have I been up to the
past month or so… geez.  Well, the Illustrious Kris Clemente and
I have been working on auditioning for more
shows/parts/stage-whore-satiation positions.  In fact, Kris has
just tripled his amount of auditions.  I have increased mine by an
infinite amount. Infinity times zero, somehow equals 2.

So, anyway, Kris wrote a little about the first audition here.

And I’ll write about the second one I guess.  Well, we both tried out for this Asian-American improv troupe called Room to Improv.
Kris turned his headshot in about a week earlier than I did, so we
auditioned separately.  But, golly was it fun.  Kris and I
both agreed that as soon as we started improv-ing with them… it just
felt right.  Like we belonged there… it’s been too long, oh
stage, it’s been too long.

Anyway, long story short:

Come see us at the Two Roads Theater in December…vuwahaha.

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