May 20, 2024

Occupying Othello

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I guess… (gosh, I feel like I say this alot.) it’s time for a real, honest-to-goodness update.

A Sad Necessity
Well, I’m working again.  I’m now an employee at my uncle’s dot-com. Dotcom? .com. Anyway, I’m gonna be updating the website for him, which is better than sifting through pages of mortgage insurance documents.  My to ability to care about anything doing with the mortgage industry=0.  Unfortunately, the guy that is supposed to be training me isn’t gonna be back in the office until Monday.  So, in the meantime, I’m shipping orders in the warehouse.  It’s different.  And it’s also interesting being the small guy for once.  Stay tuned for a progress report.


Art Practitioner
Last week was quite a week in terms of artsy stuff.  It was tough finding time to relax between the auditions, callbacks, triple-duty improv shows, script readthroughs, and PCN.  I couldn’t have been happier.  Despite the fact that I didn’t even make the first cut after callbacks, I’m happy about the chance and the experience.  It makes me believe somehow that I don’t suck… or it could just be that I do suck and they’re purposefully making me believe I’m ok, just to screw with me.  You know, like how some American Idol auditioners are led to believe that they can sing.  

If only most weeks could be like last week.  

Improving in front of East-West Players=Sweet.

Improving with a new set of people (Cold Tofu) was really lots of fun.  It’s amazing vibin’ on stage with new, different energy.  

My first PCN in the audience was definitely a good one.  Skit, I love you… and I’m not even a part of you anymore.  But somehow, you’re still a part of me… that was gross, cliche, and cheesy… but I can’t think of any other way to say it at the moment.

Coming sometime to a theatre near you, (hopefully) Brown Soup Thing!  I hear the improv scene is great.

Just came back from an AsianAm music/video showcase in LA.  Corrine May=made the entire night worth it.  Amazing.

I’m in the LA area waaaaay too much these days.  Perhaps I’ll take it as a sign.  I think that over the past few years, I’ve secretly been searching for a space where I can fulfill my deep-seated need to belong. I mean, forgive me if I’m wrong… but it seems that Orange County has nearly nothing in to offer in terms of the arts.  I’m sure there are pockets here and there… but as a whole, OC=Whack. 

Anyway… my two current artists that will save your musical soul from the utter bullshit polluting the airwaves: Raul Midon and Corrine May.  Do yourselves a favor and listen.  Then you can thank me for introducing them to you by buying me a WoW from Norms.

Listening to artists like these two makes me strive to be something more. 

Gosh… like a few areas of my life, I wanted this entry to be so much more.

5 thoughts on “Occupying Othello

  1. Arts in OC = Laguna Beach. That’s all you’re gonna get – and it’s actually worth a look. But they’re more on visual arts as opposed to theatre and the like – and yes, nothing will ever compare to LA.

    I miss you guys…hope all is well.

  2. I’ll move if you move…no one here likes me anymore anywayz.

    I think it’s funny how we’re the “old” ones here, but when we go to LA we’re always the “young” ones. I perfer the latter don’t you?

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