April 20, 2024

Reinventing Robin

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I stumbled upon an interesting moral dilemma today.  And it made me wonder whether I should stay passive or be active.  I’ve thought about it alot and still I stand here teetering ever-so precariously over the edge of a double-sided cliff.  Both ways look like a long drop.  Despite the fact that I’ve depleted my mental energies to the point of dilapidation, the same questions run a never ending race through my mind… and the gun fired 3 hours ago.  So I again, I ask myself, “How are your principles?  Are they strong?  Has the real-world really weakened your formerly relentless wariness of real-world-ways?”  I don’t know.  Maybe? “Are really gonna sell out?  Is it even really selling out?”  And I start pondering the ever fuzzier line between “what is what” and “who is who.”  But just as I bring it into focus, boom.  An interception, a rogue, errant thought spawned from “who knows where” knocks my concentration of course and… wuzzy was a bear.

Take Exhibit A, a compromise, of belief… take Exhibit B, a validation.  Even in this context-less scenario the “correct” path seems obvious… damn you exhibit b, you taught to  look past the obvious.  In doing so, however, I’m forced exploit a chink in the previously flawless armor that shields a fragile core.  And it forever flickers in close-up on the 3D IMAX of my mind.  Yes, I know.

And as my time runs-down, the thoughts never break the tape.  I leave this self-query unresolved.  I would love to finish, but I hate traffic.

Show, Friday.  Flyer. Down.


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