May 20, 2024

Frisking Fleance

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And with that, the 1st season of “Room to Improv, 4th Generation,” has come to an end.

I really want to take this opportunity thank everyone whose came to a show this past season.  Thanks for propagatng my delusions of an acting career… seriously. Before my long list of thanks, I would like to extend a pre-emptive “Sorry” to anyone I forget.

So, thanks Andy, Esther, Berto, Rotsanno, Jean, Derek, Jevon, Millicent, Ron, Allan, Stef, Josie, Tiff, Burr, Lourdes, Matt, Unji, Thao, Vince, Machaca, Marky mark mark mark, Jay, Kazee, Gerald, Charlene, Ed, Wil, Loni, Defendee, Kristen, Julian, Doris, Da, Mitzi, Maria, Jana, Joy, Kristin, Lizel, Sunny, Karl, Karl’s mom, my mom!, sisterface, Mel, Dino, Pahed, Rex Navarette!, Russ, Jer, C.Poquiz, Francis, Aaron, Giselle, Oanda, Rod, Khoi, Lauren, Alex… I think that’s it for now. Special thanks to all you repeat offenders.  You make it possible for us to go on… so, thanks.

Don’t worry folks, if you wanted to go to a show, but couldn’t, we’ll be starting back up in September… come watch us at FPAC!

In a related story, I have been told to start pubbing this movie!  So, Kris, Wes, and I are gonna be in a movie that’ll be coming out this fall.  It’s called… (drumroll here)… Brown Soup Thing!

Add us on myspace!

Congrats Allan, and the rest of the c/o 2006.  How scary, when I was a super senior, you guys were my freshman class, and now… wow.  I feel oldz.

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