June 17, 2024

Vindicating Voltemand

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I had a rather interesting drive to work today.  It was full of  epiphanies… I don’t wanna call them “things I’ve learned” yet because I haven’t had time to weigh their truth.  I guess they’re more of, “thoughts that just happen to run through my mind while I was driving to work earlier today.” Thus start the epiphanies.

1.  The world is against me going to work.
Today I had one of the longest drives to work ever.  There were two accidents/other traffic causing events on the 405, one of which happened right before my eyes.  And as soon as I exit and make my first turn… I get stuck at a railroad crossing.

2. I still kind of wish I was a doctor or something, way in the back of my mind
So the accident on the 405; I’m in the fast lane I see a car lose control and crash head-on into the center divider and ends up on the right shoulder, by the wall.  Traffic grinds to a halt.  I sit in my car for a second and say, “I should go help.”  Then I say to myself, “Dude, what are you gonna do… get in the way?”  By this time, there are already 2 or three cars pulled over on the shoulder to trying to get to the person in the wrecked car.  I sigh and drive off.

3. Being stuck at a railroad crossing can be kind of enjoyable…
even if it’s one of those forever slow freight trains.  I say this because I noticed some pretty nice graf on the train cars.  Nice.  I sat there thinking, “Gee, I wonder what city that artist is in.”  Oh, also, it doesn’t hurt to have a Gameboy Advance and Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap either.

4. Nobody cares about school zones.
I dunno last time I checked, the speed limit was 25mph in a school zone… so you know, you have time to take evasive maneuvers if some stupid kid runs out into the street after a runaway ball/ipod/cellphone/other kid.  But nah… everyone drives 40 through them.  So I dunno, maybe it’s just the same group of people that don’t use their damned turn signals.  I seriously hate you people.  I would hang you from a hot-air balloon, over a pit of lions, by your armpit hairs if you gave me the chance.

Dunyayi Kartaran Adam – The Best Worst Movie Ever

So, I came across a bunch of old PUSO paraphernalia the other day.  Lots of videos and pictures, and lots of stuff from last board meetings and such.

And of course, being the old fart I am, I got nostalgic.

Last board meetings were the greatest.  I once asked one of my old directors (which cuts the possibilities to exactly four people) what last board meeting was and they said, “It’s not really a meeting.  There’s no work, and everyone gets spoiled.”  And yes, that’s basically what happened.  It sounds kinda weird I guess, but we all sit around giving each other presents and letting people know just how cool they are/can be.  I think it’s a much needed thing sometimes… (I also think people need to be told that they’re idiotic too, though.)  I guess it’s kinda what Christmas morning should be, at least in my mind.  Because everyone gives presents that weren’t necessarily expensive, but were worth alot in terms of thought and work that went into preparing them.

I always loved giving a good presentation, one that just made people say wow… and when you looked in their faces you could totally see they appreciated it.  Like that end of the year board video that nobody ever saw again after the last board meeting cuz I was too broke at the time to even afford CD-Rs and so I’m sorry everyone.  (But if you’re out there Episode XVI, and want a copy for some reason, email me… or myspace me or friendster.. and I’ll get you one.)  In my mind, it was just something small I could give you guys to say thanks for the amazing year you gave me.  You know, all the work we did but didn’t have to… that didn’t really feel like work at all, not to me anyway.

Oh and after the last board meeting we went ice-blocking… down the now non-existent student center hill… *sigh*

EDIT:Speaking of puso, look what I found…

Sometimes I feel so undeserving.

8 thoughts on “Vindicating Voltemand

  1. lol. you have amongst the most interesting journal entries, Earl.

    anyway…interesting/funny story that just happened within one minute of me writing this comment.

    I’m in my dad’s medical office, in his actual office-office on the computer.
    And I’m reading your journal entry and just as I finish reading it, I randomly look at this bookshelf across the office room and on the third shelf down, what do I see?

    Two boxes of samples of LUNESTA.
    How ironic…and how fitting.

    Basically, I felt an Earl-presence in the room.
    An aura if you will.

    hahahaha. Ok. well, I hope that didn’t come off awkwardly.
    and if it did, just dismiss it as…um, something dismissible.

    Room to muthafckin Improv! RTmfI!

  2. I’m here! I want a copy! yeah, i remember ice blocking and maricris eating mud! hahahahaha….that made my night =) My first and last time ice blocking, thanks for letting it be with you. Thank 4rce and Episode XVI. Thank you PUSO and you especially Earl because if you never took me under your wing, then I do not know where I would be today.

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