May 20, 2024

Grafting Gertrude

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Holy Snagglepuss, it’s a new xanga entry interface.

Let’s see, because I have a gross inability to do work while at work, I bring you :
“Bad Digital Macro Showcase”

Exhibit 1:

That’s all for now.  Thanks for coming to: “Bad Digital Macro Showcase!”

Went to the Laugh Factory on Sunset yesterday to see Joey Guila.  (Thanks to Defendee for coming with!) That guy is funny.  I heard he’s in this new movie coming out called Brown Soup Thing

I was also kinda shocked, well shocked is kinda strong… surprised, how all the comics went blue… and kinda  stayed blue the entire set.  Haha I guess they must edit alot when you watch stuff on TV.

One of my greatest fears ever is watchingt a stand-up set and getting heckled by the comedian.   It makes my nuts crawl up inside my body just thinking about it.  Yeah I never sit in the front row. So, when the first comic up starts going after audience members… I start shatting bracks.  At first he starts off with the front row, I’m like… cool.  We’re far enough back.  I was wrong.  He makes a first strike against a person our row and then proceeds to go down the line.  All of a sudden I feel myself squirming and my breathing goes double-time.

And then it happens. 

Comic: Oh and you, “Room to Improv.”  (yikes.)  I take it you’re and improvisational artist.

“I guess so.”  I say this because of the way he phrased the question… improvisational artist.  So call me a stickler for semantics, but I’d never call myself an artist really because I don’t think I’ve earned that title.

C: No you say “Yes, and” and go with it…

E: Haha… ok sorry, wow, I just got called out.

C: Ok the scene is western, you’re the only asian, what are you doing here?

ahhhhh!!  Anyway… it’s ends well.  I get a laugh from the audience… not a big one, but a laugh.   I’ve survived a comedy show…

I’m listening to one of my old acapella cds and it reminded me of just  how much I think *NSYNC kicks ass.  Ridicule me if you must, I don’t care.  Their harmonies are sweeft.  Well, I guess if you can’t admit they’re great… you gotta at least admit that their arranger, whoever it is, is genius.  Just listen to “I thought she knew” or their BeeGees medley… hawt.

Haha wait, that recording wasn’t *NSYNC… but you get the point.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of acoustic/acapella music ever since it enjoyed that early-ninties renaissance.  I always felt that if a recording artist was truly such, then the transition to acapella/acoustic wouldn’t be so jarring.  However, if they weren’t so artist-y, meaning the majority of the “talent” is provided via a soundboard/mixer/sound-engineer… then you know.

Prime example of the latter: J-Lo when she performed that duet with Mark Anthony at what was it, the grammy’s?  Gag.

3 thoughts on “Grafting Gertrude

  1. dude. we’ll have to go to the slanted comedy show.

    “i thought she know” is the shiznits.

    and dang…alotta the comics went blue huh?
    meaning, they bombed kinda???

    oh geez…stand-up’s frightening.
    i’m attempting to gather up enough balls to try it again.

    *insert obligatory e-doubts*



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