May 20, 2024

Lord Capulet’s Laundry

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I just realized that reading my xanga doesn’t offer much in terms of where I am in life… at least not as of late.

So, I figure I should do a quick recap of my piddly little existence.  You know, kinda like those throwaway episodes of your favorite tv series, where it’s just full of clips from last season, just to get all the n00bs up to speed.  Anyway…

So I’m in L.A. now.  It was a long 2-month search for a place, but finally…  We’re by original Tommy’s!  Give me or Kris a ring if you’re ever in the area!

I’m still working here in Harbor City, just trying to make things work financially.  That doesn’t always happen though.  But I guess such is the life I have chosen.

Room to Improv is going well.  We just had 3 new women join the cast, so stay tuned for their most excellent debut! We’re still in talks with venue in Orange County for our 3rd Friday of the month show.  The situation looks moderately good.  I just hope we get it so some of you won’t have to drive so far to watch.

The movie is still in post-production… yup… I’ll let you all know when it’s coming out.  It’s called Brown Soup Thing, btw.  It’s up on IMDB already.

I was the Black Mage from Final Fantasy again for Halloween.  I won a costume contest at a fundraiser event thrown by Cold Tofu/OPM/Lodestone Theatre/18 Mighty Mountain Warriors.  I think I won because of the Asian male geek vote…sweet.  Geeky can be cool.  Kris’ costume was also of the geek nature.  It can be viewed here.  Guitar Hero what!  And, because 1st prize was an iPod Shuffle, I’m now part of the cult.

Unfortunately, when I got the package in the mail… instead of an iPod Shuffle, there was this:


I’ve been exposed to a lot of good HipHop recently, and I’d like to thank Brainiak of Rhime Skeem for that.

Which reminds me!

Thanks for everyone who came out to PAHM closing ceremonies this past monday!  The show was off the chizzain… if you missed it… damn.  Go see Native Guns live… now.

Ok.  I’ve spoken enough… You all already know too much.  Any more, and I’d have to bug your phones.  That is all that’s going on with me.  Feel free to call if you have any questions.  My office hours are posted on the board as well as the website.


Burr, I promised you this quite a while ago.
1. Top Five Pieces of Advice that I Appreciate Only Now:

1. Stay in school as long as you can.

2. Don’t get a credit card before you have a job.
3. To thine own self be true.
4. Live it up!
5. Practice your music.

2. Top Five TV Shows that Explain the Meaning(s) of Life (gosh I don’t watch TV!)

1. Heroes
2. Becker
3. Iron Chef
4. Wonder Years
5. Cheers

3. Top Five Movies that Made Me Think Twice:

1. Donnie Darko
2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
3. The Matrix
4. Waking Life
5. The Elephant Man

4. Top Five Birthdays You’ve Had and why:

1. 25th Birthday – Bucca Di Beppo + Rent… awesomeness.
2. 24th Birthday – Two Words: Scorpio Party… Oh also work at 8am the next day!!!
3. 9th Birthday – I had my tonsils out that day… sucks.  But also – Power Glove!
4. I’d just be making shit up if I

5. put anything in either of these (I’m not big on my birthday.)

5.  Top Five Halloween Costumes You’d So Totally Wear if Price and Make-ability Weren’t Concerns:

1. Barrett from Final Fantasy VII the only guy I could ever convincingly cosplay.
2. Akuma – well, I guess I could convincingly cosplay him too.
3. Darth Maul

4. Darth Vader
5. Gandalf… and the Balrog.


10 thoughts on “Lord Capulet’s Laundry

  1. Hey i was at your top Birthday!

    That was fun wasn’t it? I think I know what to get you for your birthday coming up….another power glove!

  2. Man, I know this guy… he ain’t funny or talented WHATSOEVER!

    At the cumbre, one man, 1-Pac, can defeat Cinq-Mars, will play a game of RISK with Residue Evil lurking.  He turns the corner at 191 Rockview, only to meet…


    AK.. a six-string and armbar not too far. 

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