July 19, 2024

Scarus’ Spiral

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I am losing my mind.  I can feel it… looming, ominous, and inevitable.

Whenever I check my bank account online, I can’t help but laugh.  It’s uncontrollable.  It’s not even a humorous laugh.   It’s a mocking laugh, born in the ridiculousness of the balance.

I have no creative space or time.  The necessity of moving home-home has robbed me of my space.  The necessity of work has all but robbed me of my 3am golden hour.  I think I can probably make do without golden hour, but a comfortable space is definitely a requirement.  I’ve been looking for info, online and off, on spots in Long Beach… and unfortunately I’ve come up short.  I just don’t know this town as well as I thought I did.  I’m trying to stray away from the coffee house thing, as that can get costly pretty quickly.  Ahh, what to do….

I am constantly thinking about the right moment.  Unfortunately, there is no right moment.  Why can’t I believe that enough to act upon it?

And all this with “Wayward Son” stuck in my head.

But you know what?  Gift Card to Guitar Center, byatches!  Hmm… a new stand? or new strap?

2 thoughts on “Scarus’ Spiral

  1. so wait… are you gonna move in with us? we promise we’ll give you your space. ugh. it’s too far, huh.

  2. oh, seriously, i know… i called apple earlier today and they told me about it… but yeah… still sorta lost $100…but i guess i can look at it as a i’m-so-cool-that-i-got-this-mess-early fee.

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