May 20, 2024

Phony Phebe

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It has been a long while, world.  Did you miss me, members of the faceless throng?

First, two reasons why I love

I secretly hope that this might happen to me someday while at work.


This past week has been especially busy, which a dash of crazy for good measure.    It’s been one of those weeks where I think about the events of the past Tuesday, and it feels like they happened a month ago.  And even though I’m ridiculously tired, I can’t help but be strangely content.

I was going to break this down day by day, but egads I don’t want to pretend I’m that important.  I will say that this week consisted of 3 gigs/shows, 2 rehearsals, and 1 audition… with lots of driving and work in between.  Good thing I changed my oil on Saturday…………………………………….

Ah screw it.

Day 1, Sunday: Rehearsal for Projekt Newspeak – Lesson learned: I can’t remember what happened on this day.

Day 2: Rest day (i.e. dinner at Salo-Salo.  Boneless Bangus, FTW!) – Lesson learned: I am scary-looking.

Day 3: Room to Improv Rehearsal.  Lesson learned: leave your troubles at the door.  A life-addled mind makes for poor improv, and is especially detrimental during an improv class. I say my ‘craft’ is more important than most areas of my life… and I forgot that on Tuesday.  Never again.

Day 4: Projekt Newspeak gig at USC. – Lesson learned: buy a gig bag.

Day 5: Audition – Lesson learned: Get the music earlier. Sing better. Learn how to dance.

Day 6: Room to Improv October Show – Lesson learned: While it may suck, it’s ok to have a “learning” show every once in a while.  It cuts down on hubris.

Day 7: Room to Improv show at FilAmFest/Pacquiao fight at Kris’ – Lesson learned: Not all Filipinos get it when you poke fun at PCN cliches.  Poetry can slip into Shakespeare oh so easily.  Also: Yes, Pacquiao fights can be a matter of national pride.  Must stop eating.

Today: Projekt Newspeak Rehearsal – Lesson learned: Read the damn rehearsal schedule.  Also, mock trials and cursing at the top of one’s lungs don’t mix. 

Can’t… keep… eyes… open.

Pippin: “Is there much hope for Frodo and Sam?”
Gandalf: “There was never much hope. Just a fool’s hope.”

I’ve been attempting to write something quasi-profound for the last 20 minutes and all I’ve got is a seemingly impertinent LOTR quote.

Ah ye ghastly muses, for which foul knave hast thou forsook me this night?

If I ever spoke aloud the way my mind thinks… I would have fewer friends than I do now.

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