April 20, 2024

Look at them Lumpia with a Vengeance Prologue Comic Variant Covers!

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Rumor is that Lumpia with a Vengeance is hitting the streets soon! While I can neither confirm or deny that – I can definitely share that the Lumpia with a Vengeance comic, to serve as a prologue to the movie, is on its way!

And in true 90s comic fan fashion, we’ve got a metric crap-ton of variant covers! 12 have been revealed so far! I mean, check out some of that artwork (also, you can spy my character, G-dog/George in a few of the covers!).  More to be revealed soon, but with artists like Jeffrey Fulgencio, Gerald Pilare, Quincy Victoria, Jenni Jackson, Lawrence Iriarte, Kristian Kabuay, Dante Fernandez, Whilce Portacio, Patrick Ballesteros, Bobby Rubio, Ponsi Alfonso, and Eric Pineda providing their awesome art to the project, it’s already a package chock full of passion and talent. Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

All variant covers on sale at our Backer Kit page!!


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