June 17, 2024

Polonius Pre-perturbed

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what I did at work the other day.  So it’s a little off… give me
break… i was doing it incognito styles. W00t mspaint!

Wait earl… aren’t you supposed to be working at work?


I don’t what to write here anymore.  Worthwhile events come few
and far between these days I guess.  I mean… how many times can
I tell you all about how much doing improv rocks?

Which reminds me, if you all haven’t come to a show yet… it would be a great time to do so!

Next show: March 17th, 2006
More info:

Went to Big Bear w/ the lovely PUSO-peeps.  It was great.  I
got some time away from WoW and some quality time with Lily and a
notebook.  One day, I’ll write something good.

Same goes for this xanga…


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