April 20, 2024

Blue Banantha Milk w/ Bananacue (Banana Horchata)

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Here we have part two of a recipe series for the SDCC 2022 panel: From the Screen to Your Plate: Food in Pop Culture. Part one is here: As-wangs with Kambalsamic Talabusawsawan

You can probably guess what inspired this concoction – the famously blue Bantha milk from everyone’s favorite space opera, except you know us – we gotta throw something we know in the pot.

So for this recipe we start with your favorite scratch horchata recipe. I think we may have used this one during our original Pots & PanGeekery livestream:

Never heard of Bananacue? We’ll it’s a Philippine snack, a portmanteau of banana and barbecue. It’s basically plantains crusted in brown sugar – usually served on a skewer, like Filipino BBQ.

In addition, you will need:

2 Bananas (The darker skinned/sweeter the better) cut into medallions
2 Saba na Saging (Asian Plantains, regular plantains as substitute) also in medallions
1 cup brown sugar
Blue food coloring
High smoke oil for shallow frying
(Also your favorite hard alcohol if you’d like – we used a Caribbean rum)

Combine horchata, banana medallions, and blue food coloring in a blender (or immersion blender). Blend til smooth.

Fry plantain medallions, and as they’re cooking, add the brown sugar. As sugar melts, swirl to coat plantains. Remove from heat, let cool enough to handle.

Put blue horchata in your favorite glass. If you want to make it boozy, now would be the time to add a bit of your favorite hard liquor.  Be sure to stir, or the alcohol will all float on top. Take sugar crumbles from pan and chopped up plantains, top horchata. Take full plantain medallion and garnish edge of your drinking vessel.


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