July 19, 2024
2 min read

It’s 4:30am…  just came back from an attempted meteor shower watching over at Turtle Rock.  All I can say is…

Stupid clouds.

It was rather fun though.  I miss being outdoors alot.  I remember back when I was in elementary, it felt like I got to go to the mountains at least 4 or 5 times a year.  Now, not so much.

It was great to be somewhere away from concrete and asphalt… even for a couple hours… even if it wasn’t all that far away from concrete and asphalt.

The one part I really do miss about outdoorsy stuff is the night sky.  In the mountains, you look up, and the stars are so numerous, you can’t even count them…  they stand out in the pitch blackness… untainted by the artificial light of the city streets.  I remember lying on my sleeping bag in a San Bernadino meadow when I was 13.  As I fell asleep in the high grass, I watched millions of minute twinkles and the occasional shooting star… I saw the gas clouds of the Milky Way… at least that’s what my friend’s dad said it was.

Ack.  I should be doing my post-lab.

So, it’s 12… no 11 days before PCN.  I’m skurred.  I don’t feel my lines.  Not yet.  It’s never been like this… I’ve never been so unsure of my lines this close to PCN.  Sure hope it comes together soon… cuz messing up in front of 2000 people… it doesn’t sound like too much fun.

Grr… alright, alright… I’ll do my postlab.

Look, meteors.

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