July 19, 2024

The Vine

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Yet another quiet night the “The ‘Vine”

It’s those quiet nights that really get to you though.  It’s
those quiet nights that let you spend some time alone with
yourself.  Those quiet nights let you step away from all the
hoopla and hubub and into a peaceful place.  And when you’re
there, you can reorganize your thoughts into neat little rows… just
like that pile of DVDs that used to haunt a the dark corner of your

Thats when you take a step back and go,


And then, he started typing…

What would you do if I sang out of tune?
Happy Birthday to my old skool partner in crime, Jimar… and thanks for
giving me a place to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in too
long.  You know, it’s kinda weird cuz when you finally run into
these people, you kinda realize just how much older you’ve all
become.  You never really notice how you, yourself change… well,
most of the time.

But, when you run into an old friend, this snapshot of the last time
you saw them flashes in your mind, and is immediately shattered once
you get a chance to catch up.  Sure, you see bits and pieces of
the person you remembered.  You say, “Still the same old Joe.” (or
Marsha, or Donald, or Jimmy…)  But, you also see the impact
their lives have made on them… sometimes for the good, but also for
the bad.

Either way… it’s always feels good to catch up.

Speaking of which… got a call from another old friend
today.  And, as always, the conversation meanders through a
variety of different topics… usually updates of what we last talked
about.  Inevitably though, it comes to, “so, any idea what you’re
gonna do yet?”

When I say DO… it means Do-do… as in rest of your life “do.”

Then all these suggestions come out… and what ifs and you’d be great ats.  And sometimes, all I can think about is, “Geez, you think more about my future than I do. Why do you even care?”

Of course, I said something like that one before… and then we didn’t talk for three years.

Yeah, I’m an asshole.

Thanks though, for caring.  It’s one of my constant neuroses… believing that no one does.

Weekend Update..
Work’s eh.  Most of
the people are great… some, not so.  And it’s a BIG “not
so.”  Anyway… If I knew a way to bring that store to its knees,
I’d follow through in a heartbeat.  Flub-dub.

My current addiction is Samurai Champloo… I’m a sucker for all this feudal Japan-era anime stuff.

I think I’m getting sick.

Must… improv… now… just… add… water…

Geez…you’re 23 and you think you’ve seen all there is to see, all
there is to know… all without wandering more than 1,000 miles from

Today’s random websearch that led to my xanag: Shangrila Animation

2 thoughts on “The Vine

  1. I’m a nerd remember?

    I subscribe to Nerdular Nerdence Magazine.

    And I’m still not sleeping.

    And I spent $70 at Target…Again.

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