May 20, 2024

Gregory’s Geekery

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Why I’m a Geek.
Top 15 (or more) Quasi-Surefire Indicators of Geekdom and why I will probably die alone.

1. I’m a former Camp Hyrule camper.   
2. My phone’s wallpaper rotates between SSB:Brawl, LoZ:WW, WoW:BC, Star Wars, and FFVII:AC. My ringtone:Final Fantasy VII victory fanfare.  Yes, I stole the idea from the Tifa fight scene in Advent Children.
3. I read digg. and kotaku. and other things.
4. When I was 12, I co-wrote a radio play for english class with my friend Jay.  The title: Journey to Ravenloft. The theme music: ripped from
Actraiser on the SNES.

5. My main rig is named after the Ark‘s computer from Transformers.
6. My laptop was named after my main rig, except with a “2” designation.  Yes, Teletraan-2.
7. The C: and D: drives in Teletraan-One are named RX78MkII and GP02, respectively.
8. The first MMORPG I played was probably Gemstone III.  1996. Text-based. Or LORD on the BBSes. (Technically a MUD and a Door Game, but whatevs)
9. My favorite novels growing up: Dragonlance
10. I made my own dark Jedi costume.. aslo I’ve made my own wizard hat…  see next point.
11. Halloween costume last year and 2 years previous: Black Mage from Final Fantasy I.
12. I went to the Nobuo Uematsu “More Friends: Music from FInal Fantasy” concert… alone.
13. Last thing I bought from ebay: a 2ft tall Yoda plush.
14. One of my favorite movies growing up: Conan the Barbarian
15. My screen name is inspired by RoninWarriors/Samurai Yoroiden Troopers.
16. With the exception of my laptop and my very first comp, I’ve built every computer I’ve owned.
17. When Episode I came out, an old roommate and I choreographed a lightsaber duel and practiced in the kitchen of our dorm.  He had a
Qui-Gon saber. I had an ROTJ Luke saber.

18. During the intermission of aforementioned Final Fantasy concert, I killed time by playing Super Puzzle Fighter on my GBA SP Classic
, thereby winning the admiration of all other geeks in a 3 foot radius

19. The Fellowship of the Rig
20. An awesome present:  I, however, would graciously accept donations to the “In need of a tatoo on the left shoulder” fund.
21. Lumos : Shirak :: Nox : Dulak – If you know why this holds true, you will get mad props.  Like, mad.

It’s a neverending list.  Please, Bastian.  Say my name.

5 thoughts on “Gregory’s Geekery

  1. stef had a lot of stuff to say, but then her mom came in and pissed her off, so she forgot to comment

    she says you get points off for the last analogy…it’s not that hard

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