May 20, 2024


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Ah, who am I kidding?

I feel more than I’ll ever consciously admit to.  My heart sits upon my sleeve… for all to see.  The strange thing is, if it were possible to purge these thoughts from my mind, I’m not sure I’d want to.

How else will I learn?

It feels sometimes as if I’m sliding down the face of a mountain, desperately grabbing for anything to slow my descent.  I uproot bushes and saplings, tearing them from the earth with gravity hastened speed, hoping that I’ll find the one that will save me.

Grab a tree, ass.  Or a rock.  A big one.  I need a big mothaeffin rock.

Rock band rubber band of brothers in arms.
Old MacDonald, keeled over, had ten farms.
And a bucket full of whey.
Lockjaw trap jaw breaker do you copy?
Keep in touch, lylab, sorry so sloppy.
I feel it every day.
I’m a loc-down, set-trippin, baby inside.
I’m a scroungy-maned serengeti king without a pride.
Is this the only way?
I pray for a better course, scream til my voice is hoarse.
And wait for another sun to rise.
I dream of a brighter day, hope i’ll be shown the way.
To a real-life undisputed prize.

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