May 20, 2024


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Dear Ganglia,

I am in one of those weird moods today. It’s one of those, I can do most anything/holy crap I feel like running in a meadow/let’s skip to the liquor store/bumpin’ wilson phillips in my car/talking in voices/I really feel like a slurpee moods.

I’m not even sure why. Today’s payday… that’s not it though. Most of my check is already spoken for, so that can’t be it. I’m not in love, am I? Most definitely not. Nope, because that would technically require another person.

Even after some thought, I can’t come up with a good reason why I’m in this I should carve something out of wood/I feel like making sushi/flipping off my job/dancing in my car at stop lights/chasing down the ice cream man/let’s write music kinda mood today.

Are the rapid-fire neuronal connections of my brain truly random? Do they not care how or why they fire? Are they to blame for this seemingly unprovoked pocket of serenity?

Maybe it’s as simple as: “I feel like myself today.”

Inhale, slow exhale.

I feel like myself today.


2 thoughts on “Nodal

  1. Do it all at the same time.
    Talk in voices, dance in your car, make sushi, then flip off your job.
    Then reward yourself by chasing down the ice cream man.

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