July 19, 2024


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Dear Jackass,

I’ve been trying to write something for a while, to no avail, and I think I’ve finally nailed down the reason why. I think that for me to write something nice and organic, the words must spring from an emotional center. And apparently I have been unable to tap that for a few weeks. Or, I’ve been able to tap it, but not at the right time.

So, I suppose, thanks for helping me in that respect.

Unfortunately, no real thoughts or feelings of positivity spring from my reflections upon you. As such… I declare this a rant. It is an official putting on of blast.

You, sir, are a cheap, selfish, delusional, lip-servicer. You are the very epitome of the Tagalog word, “Kuripot.” I love how you pay your employees unfair wages and complain how you’re making no money as you drive your 550-series Benz every day to your house in Irvine. I dig it when you spit worthless promises of raises and finally providing benefits in an effort to guilt your employees into staying.

I remember that day when you cried your crocodile tears to all of the employees, talking about how afraid you were that the business wouldn’t last.

It’s awesome when you complain about how things in the business are going wrong, sitting there blaming the people who have been loyal to you for years, and then asking people for more hours… without offering a raise.  I don’t know why you would… no one’s gotten a raise in years.

Seriously, I don’t say this very often and mean it… Fuck You. You are a snake. Fuck you and I hope you get yours, asshole.

All in all, I am ashamed to count you as kin.

Kiss my ass,

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