April 20, 2024


1 min read

Dear Earl,

I have no doubt that one day you will become the person I aspire to be.  One day you will self-actualize.

These days, it feels like you are ever stepping forward to your eventual goal, which is awesome.  What you didn’t realize, however, is that with every forward step you take, you also gain new perspective.  With that new perspective comes the realization that you were further from the goal than you thought.

Don’t worry, though.  I suspect that’s the natural order of things.  It forces you to learn more and more every day. If there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you fear becoming stagnant.

My take home lesson, I suppose, is to relish in the struggle.  You’ll come out that much stronger for it.

I just wanted to add that despite what I say or do, I do think your’re kinda cool.  Maybe that’ll give your confidence a much-needed kick in the ass.

Take care of yourself,


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