July 19, 2024


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Dear Time,

I wish I had more of you.

Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say, “I wish I could use you more efficiently.”

Recently, I’ve felt like I cant get any work done. I’m not sure if that’s because here’s too much work, or if I’m just a little to scattered these days. Perhaps I need a bit of re-centering. Hmm… I wish I knew what that entailed.

It’s also felt lately like things are moving really fast.

Ah screw it, I can’t concentrate anymore. I’m a font of redundancy.


3 thoughts on “Initiative.

  1. Buddy I know what you mean….I’ve hit my head on that imaginary wall we call time enough occassions to understand…but you know what…as difficult as time management is…I wonder if it isn’t procrastination that is to blame….because for me its too much fun to procrastinate ..why bother with time….:-)

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