July 19, 2024

Filipino food tho

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Music: Side A Band – Forevermore
Schmood: Tazy.

Ahh… yet another finals week.
I’m a bit lucky this quarter… no actualy final exams really.  It’s the first time ever… it just feels really weird though.  I feel kinda lazy.  But… maybe that’s just the supersenioritis speaking. 

Gook luck with finals everyone.

So, we had the 1506 roomie dinner yesterday at Mangga Grill over in Tustin.  The food is purdy damn good.  Not quite as good as my mom’s cooking (but hey I’m biased) but still quite good.  It’s funny… it looks like Filipino cooking… but there’s a touch of American flavor to it.  Mmmm… food.

So I’m sitting there enjoying my adobo rice and my roomies tell the karaoke dude I’m gonna go sing a song.  All of a sudden I’m not hungry anymore and I get butterflies in my stomach… eck.  No I don’t want to sing!?!!  Haha.  I still get purdy nervous when it’s just me on stage.  Things are different out there when you’ve got 4 other people with you on stage… I’m just not too comfortable with it.  I guess that’s why I haven’t done a solo act for UV, ever

Good dinner… so sorry Kayumanggi.

So, after nearly throwing out my voice singing Sana Maulit Muli… we head on home woohoo!  And as we’re walking out I notice this girl at one of the tables… I’m like, damn she looks familiar…. And then it clicks… she used to babysit me a looong time ago.  Like 20 years ago.  Trippy.  Now she’s all married and stuff… and I can hardly say anything cuz I’m trippin… I haven’t seen her in maybe 10 years.  And I run into her at Mangga Grill.  Haha.

Anyway… we get home and consigliore and I make our way to campus to study at 11pm.  Unfortunately most of the time was spent staring at the computer or sleeping. Fun. 

Like I said… final’s week is upon us…. Kuwawa.

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