May 20, 2024


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I’m long overdue.  If xanga were a credit card bill, my credit score would be as low as… my actual credit score.  Haha.  I guess I should go ahead and make a payment.

As I sit here back home-home with nothing to do besides use my sister’s computer while Smackdown jabbers on endlessly in the background… I think to myself, why’d I bring everything I own to the apartment?

This is where I say… man, that was a crappy intro to my first post in a month.  Come on you pudgy bastard… get it together.

Perhaps I’m stuck because too much has happened in the past month. Maybe I lack the mental capacity to organize my thoughts and relate them in words.  Or perhaps… I’m just trying too hard.

Just now, I thought about how I didn’t want this to become a rant/lament/emo-tirade about the prospect of turning 25 and the dreaded quarter-life crisis.  So, I’m sparing you that sob story for the time being.  All bets are off when November comes around.

This reminds me… Rent and Harry Potter.  Ah… all my hopes reside in thee.

I guess I’ve condemned this update to “update just to update” status.

The new apartment is great.  It makes me grateful that I no longer have to live in irvine.  What a torturous place, irvine.  MedVil rocks.  Come visit us and we can all jam… by golly, it’ll be a blast.

I’ve written a new song, which I think sounds like crap…  And will probably be hidden in my hidden pile of hidden b-sides.  Which will become a full length cd when I die since I won’t be appreciated as an artist until after my time… In a distant future where everyone is tone deaf and considers Dean Koontz the paramount of literary prowess.  Or Puff Daddy to be the culmination of all things hip-hop.

Shout out to Shock-G and egg-laying rubber chickens.  And to Chinese buffets… and 40-year old virgins… and swedish furniture stores.

Crash is a crazy ass movie.  I agree with Bert-axe that all orange county scum must be forced to watch it.  With a qualified Angelino to explain it to them.

I hear the “M”-word thrown around a whole lot these days.  That’s all.

I like the survey first posted by VinPenny.  However, I dunno if I can do it correctly since I’ve seen it a number of times, and the randomness (randomity? randomidity?) of the name order would be somehow tainted by my subconscious.  I think I’ll make a winamp playlist of 20 songs associated to people and set it on shuffle play.  Voila.  Viola. Violin?

[Edit: Last night, my mom, my sister, and I went to Cheescake Factory for my mom’s birthday.  It was all good until one of the waiters came by and the glass of water he had on his tray toppled off the tray and onto the table.   All of a sudden, I was wet and my pecan-crusted catfish had part of a broken glass in it.  The story ends well, but I don’t feel like typing anymore.]

And now that I’m done, and Smackdown has been over for at least a couple hours, it’s time for me to curl up on my own little section of this hardwood floor and hope that tomorrow’ll show some kind of promise.

8 thoughts on “Smackdown

  1. I don’t know of this “Rent”. But Harry Potter looks like it’s going to be a great adventure in movie watching.

    I think Dean Koontz is alright. But I’ve only read his Frankenstein series so far, just because it’s an interesting concept.

    where do you guys live now?

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